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HT Inspection provides Well and Water Purity Testing in New York, Vermont and Massachusetts.

There are several types of water system tests and inspections that may be done, depending on your particular needs and the systems in place for the property. Below is a brief description of the process used in testing wells and water purity.

Well Testing

The water is run from an outside hose spicket through a hose and metering device which measures the number of gallons per minute.

Water Purity Testing

Consists of water samples taken to test for coliform, ecoli bacteria - referred to as a potability test; then there is a test referred to as an FHA Short test, which adds to the coliform/ecoli bacteria with lead, nitrites and nitrates; then there is a test referred to as an FHA Long test, which adds to the coliform/ecoli bacteria, lead, nitrites, nitrates with iron, manganese, iron plus manganese, sodium, pH, hardness, alkalinity and turbidity.  There are many other tests available but they need to be specific in what contaminants they may be looking for.

Emerging Issues in Water Quality Video