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Carbon Monoxide

HT Inspection provides Carbon Monoxide Testing in New York, Massachusetts, and Vermont

We use an EPA approved testing device to insure compliance and accuracy of testing.

Carbon Monoxide as an indoor air quality problem, comes from, the burning of fossil fuels in an indoor environment. It is the second leading cause of indoor environmental health problems, after radon gas.  It is an odorless and colorless gas, which may result in a variety of health problems including flu like symptoms and in the worst case death.  The elderly, unborn children and people with respiratory and heart diseases are at highest risk.

We use a femto-Tech Model-510 Continuous Carbon Monoxide Monitor, an EPA approved device.

The EPA and the Surgeon General strongly recommend taking further action when the home's carbon monoxide test results are 9 parts per million averaged over 8 hours and 35 parts per million averaged over 1 hour or greater.  The EPA recommends that you consult a qualified contractor to repair the source of the carbon monoxide.