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Weekly Cleaning

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Did you ever wonder why in some homes that have tile bathrooms, the tile is so clean and looks new and in others there is a red brown discoloration on the groat or black discoloration?  That "discoloration" is microbial and perhaps minerals from the water.

I was cleaning my shower this morning and i realized i never saw my mother clean the bathroom.  On her hands and knees, scrubbing the tile, every week, week in and week out.  She had to be doing that for it to look brand new after 20 plus years of use.

When i go to inspect a home for mold in the bathroom, i hear from a lot of customers, alot, that they don't have a fan in the bathroom for ventilation, they don't even have a window or if they have a window they don't open it every time someone takes a shower. 

While having an exhaust fan is the best protection against microbial growth in a bathroom, you still can clean the surfaces regularly.  Both horizontal and vertical surfaces.  That means both the walls and the ceiling.  The vapor rises with the temperature and most of the microbes wind up being on the ceiling or around a light switch or door.  Remember even if you have an exhaust fan you still have to clean all the surfaces to keep them from succumbing to microbial growth.

Fall Cleaning

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It is still fall believe it or not. Winter solstice is around the corner but there is still time for an important fall ritual.

Earlier this week i inspected a home for someone whose parent used to live in the first level of their ranch style home. The had never had a mold problem and had lived in the home for over 30 years. When moving her mother's furniture out to make room for her son to move down there, there was what looked like visible mold growing on the walls in all 4 rooms. My customer was unaware of any plumbing leaks or drainage problems during the time she lived in the home.

The mold growth was from what appeared to be a lack of ventialtion and dehumidification.

Have you ever wondered why there is mold "all of a sudden" when it wasn't there before? For me this mold growth was the result of an accumulation of experiences over a very long period of time, repeated over and over again.  The experience was not doing spring cleaning and fall cleaning.  Said another way it was an accumulation of dust over decades.  Furniture which was not moved to clean behind or underneath. The dust became low hanging fruit that was food for mold. Mold which is always present.

These simple rituals so important to our lives on so many levles have lost favor for many. I remember spring cleaning and fall cleaning with my mother and her mother when i was growing up. It wasn't fun but it was a good feeling helping my mother and grandmother. I learned over the years how important this simple ritual is.

There is still time to fall clean.


Welcome to my blog!

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This is where I'll be sharing my thoughts on topics that matter to me. Who knows... I might even share pictures, videos and links to other interesting stuff.